Wine x Football - NFL Week 2 and Wine (A Bro Point of View)


Wine x Football – NFL Week 2 and Wine (A Bro Point of View)

Week two is just a short snap away and this week I’m thinking about the most fierce competitors the world has ever known: Roman Gladiators. I’m talking about those bone-crushing, tiger-battling, beheading juggernauts. In addition to drinking ashes after training as some sort of super tonic (sounds disgusting yet badass), they drank the other manliest beverage in the world: wine. And they drank it by the barrel.

In the 2nd century, one of the pioneers of athletic trainers, a dude by the name Galen, was rumored to never have lost a single gladiator in his care (that’s saying something when you consider the guys were chucking crude, iron-spiked objects back and forth instead of a pigskin). Galen credits his liberal use of wine in the diets of his gladiators as the key to his success. I don’t think Gatorade can make that claim.

So, as we prepare for week 2 battles, I’m starting off with a wine from the Roman Empire to give you that competitive edge, while staying true to my UNDER 20 BUCKS and DRINKABLE promise.

Goes By: Layer Cake Primitivo
Where to Find: Supermarket, BevMo, TotalWine, some liquor stores
How many bucks: 14
How much feel-good: 13.5% alc
How much old: 2013

Tasty Tasty: This bottle is going to deliver on two plays: On the fruit, it’s basically like Ben Rothsburger firing a bag of blackberries down your gullet from 10 yards. You can’t mistake the super-forward red and black fruits here, with a nice bit of sweetness too. Then comes the spice, pepper, cinnamon with a slosh of dried green herbs. This wine isn’t trying to play grab ass with you. It’s straightforward, easy drinking and a great addition to any football Sunday afternoon.

What to grub: Meat. What else? The redder the better. Think a thick steak like a ribeye with some fresh black pepper and coarse sea salt. I mean, is there a better way to settle into the afternoon games?

Wine x Football - NFL Week 2 and Wine (A Bro Point of View)

Contributing author Eric Gulino.