Wine x Film: Wonder Woman and Spanish Wine

Original post August 2016; updated June 4, 2017: the original article was a sneak peak of the film. Now that it’s shattered box office records this past weekend (over $100mm opening weekend) we thought it appropriate to pair 3 great Spanish wines from Priorat with Wonder Woman. Wine pairings at bottom of post. 

Wonder Woman Movie (2017) Preview and Wine Pairing

Contributing author Derrick Smith, founder of the widely popular video game digital publication Game Insider, gives us a preview of the new Wonder Woman movie, which was announced at Comic-Con. It challenges our wine-pairing experts!

As if the new Wonder Woman movie tagline (“Power, Grace, Wisdom, and Wonder”) didn’t do enough to set the tone for Wonder Woman’s cinematic explosion, the reveal of Marvel’s first lady has us giddy with excitement. Starring Gal Gadot as the beautiful Diana, princess of the Amazon and resident of the island of Themyscira, our imaginations have ran wild with speculations of how to properly re-introduce Woman Woman in her first full-length movie.

Immortality, complemented by grace and power: come 2017, our comic book dreams (and Gal Gadot‘s) will become a reality. Sure, the tease of our fearless eye-pleasing lady of wonder holding her own against the powerful Doomsday was magical, as she aided Superman and the Dark Knight against an impossible threat. Yet we simply wanted more…much more.

<p>If you have yet to witness the might of <strong>Wonder Woman</strong> as she flexes her Spartan-like super abilities in the recently released DC movie trailer, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, enjoy it below.</p>
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Wine Pairings

Power, grace, wisdom and wonder … the only match that comes to mind is the incomparable reds of the Priorat, the tiny but universally loved wine region just south of Barcelona, Spain. The vineyard plantings in Priorat are mostly Garnacha (Grenache) and Cariñena (Carginan), with some Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Search out the 2004 or 2010 vintage — below are a few labels we’d check out. Each one carries its own sublime surprises. Wonder Woman would approve.

Torres Priorat Salmos 2013 – powerful wine, rich, and bold with flavors of old world cherry, vanilla and oak. High consumer rating on Vivino plus a reasonable price point of $25 from Taste it!

Scala Dei Prior Crianza Priorat 2014 – young wine that has lots of tannins so make sure to drink this one with food. Black fruits and spices. Another consumer favorite at a decent price point of $30 from Taste it! 

Clos Mogador Priorat 2013 – this is the big dawg. This is like Wonder Woman in an epic battle using strength, maturity, intelligence, and charisma. It’s a serious wine with powerful fruit, and notes of violet, herbs and espresso. Decant this consumer favorite for an hour or so before drinking, it’s worth the $90 price tag. Taste it!