Wine X Film: Thor: Ragnarok X 2014 Machete

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Contributing author Derrick Smith, founder of the widely popular video game digital publication Game Insider, gives us a preview of the new Wonder Woman movie, which was announced at Comic-Con. It challenges our wine-pairing experts!

Fans of the big bad green dude should be excited to learn that their favorite brute and the son of Odin will be teaming up with the Incredible Hulk for some intense high-octane gladiator action when “Thor: Ragnarok” releases in November.

The idea of the Incredible Hulk and Thor joining forces has been a burning desire for fans for quite sometime now. Of course these are fans still mesmerized by the dominating nature of the Hulk, flexing his might in a distant world after being exiled.

Continuing to press for a Hulk film with a storyline closely synched to the comic book series of Planet Hulk, San Diego Comic-Con 2016 hinted at this as a strong possibility for “Ragnarok,” which stars Chris Hemsworth reprising his iconic role as the God of Thunder, with a very brief  ‘if you blink you may miss it’ reveal.”

Also, adding to the film’s story hints, Marvel Studios proudly showcased the stylish replica gladiator armor, which featured a cool Roman-esque helmet, alongside a menacing hammer and axe worn by the big fella. The green one if you were wondering.

As we yearn for a more lengthy and powerful reveal experience, we take comfort in knowing that “Thor: Raganrok” will eventually bring to life our wildest comic book fantasies. November could not get here fast enough.

2014 Machete

This wine is a blend of Petite Syrah, Syrah, and Grenache from Orin Swift. The color of the wine is inky, dark — nearly black. This blend includes two of the most robust and tannic varietals, Petite Syrah and Syrah, which makes this wine huge and muscular like Thor. The 2014 Machete has notes of ripe blueberries, boysenberries, toasted oak, vanilla, and blackberry.

Orin Swift Cellars Machete 2014