Wine Tasting with Jimmy Vestvood Amerikan Hero

Wine Tasting with Jimmy Vestvood

We live in a time where crime, uncertainty, and orange-skinned neanderthals are running rampant (and running for the U.S. presidency). However, we can breathe a sigh of relief, feel a little safe and secure knowing that the newest American Hero is out there protecting our fair city.

Gotham has Batman. Metropolis has Superman. Los Angeles now has Jimmy Vestvood, private investigator. Jimmy doesn’t have fancy outfits, military grade technology nor super-human strengths to fight crime and save our city, and our Country. No. Much like his idol Steve McQueen, Jimmy relies on his wit, his charm, his sex appeal, and his brilliant detective mind to solve the most complicated of predicaments.

Jimmy, who recently moved here from Iran on a visa-lottery, took time of out of his busy schedule to join our host Jennifer Tapiero for a special wine tasting. Enjoy the video!

(And checkout for showtimes and ticket information to Jimmy Vestvood Amerikan Hero starring the incredibly funny Maz Jobrani.)Special thanks to the following wineries and their delicious wines. Jimmy may be new to drinking wines but we’re not – and we thoroughly enjoyed each of these! Also, a special thanks to Damoka LA, a premier and iconic rug shop in Westwood for allowing us to film at their gorgeous location.

Fabio Viviani Wines

Patel Wines Napa Valley

Double Canyon Wines

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