Wine Tasting - 5 Important Things You Should Know

Wine tasting is fun but can be strenuous to some. Just follow these quick tips and start your journey!

We love wine tasting! Wine tasting plays an essential role in educating those who have a passion for wine and those who just want to learn a bit more about what their drinking.

Wine tasting isn’t only about drinking wine. It can help you explore origins and history of the place and human stories behind the bottle. It also activates all your senses – you need to use them while you involve yourself in tasting wine. Here are five significant wine tasting tips that will enhance your experience.

Look, Smell, Taste, and Think Carefully

These four factors will form the basis of your conclusion about the wine you’re tasting. When looking carefully examine the color, viscosity, and opacity of the wine. There are a lot of cues from just the appearance of the wine; therefore, feel free to spend more than four to five seconds on this.

Smelling wine involves thinking about the various categories of fruits like red fruits, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and black or blue fruits.

Smelling involves dividing the wine’s “nose” into three types: primary aromas, secondary aromas, and tertiary aromas. This division will give you greater clarity about the smell and the taste that the wine will have. When you taste the wine, the flavors may change as it will come in contact with your tongue. You will also understand the difference between the tastes of your favorite wines. The final step involves thinking if the wine was too acidic, too tannic, or too alcoholic. It will also generate some conclusions about the wine that will influence your choices in choosing wine. 

It’s a lot to take in – so much so that U.C. Davis created the Wine Aroma Wheel back in 1984 by Professor Ann C. Noble.

i like this grape - uc davis aroma wheel

Learn the Art of Swirling

Swirling wine is as much fancy fun as it is important to unleashing flavors of the wine. When you swirl wine before sipping it, the wine will aerate and the aromas will start to release Wine has different aroma compounds that are not active. Swirling activates and releases these tiny aroma compounds so that you don’t miss out on the hidden flavors.

Swirling doesn’t have a particular rule book as people can do it as per their styles. You should, however, adopt a nonchalant style so that you can enjoy the aromas, taste, and appearance of the wines that you will taste.

To spit or not to spit during a wine tasting (Yes, you’re supposed to spit!)

There is always a confusion of spitting or swallowing wine at a wine tasting. While most people think that spitting is gross, it’s important if you’re tasting a variety of wines in a day or in a sitting. Otherwise. . .well. . .you’ll be wasted! Imagine if you kept taking a sip of 10 wines, you’d crawl out of the wine tasting. But if you aren’t tasting a bunch of wines in one sitting then just drink it. Either way – we’re not judging and neither should you!

Dress Right

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while dressing up for your wine tasting is the type of footwear. It can be a long day with multiple terrains.

Vineyards vary greatly. If your vineyard has parking space, indoor seating, and smooth walkways, then you can go in your favorite heels. But, if your vineyards has a long, uphill on rocky soil then leave the heels at home. When it comes to clothing, you can pair a cowboy shirt with skinny jeans, or you can even wear a bright summer dress if you plan to visit during summers. Wearing casual and airy clothes with a pair of sunglasses and the right shoes can give you a perfect look for your wine tasting.

Be curious and ask questions

Very few people actually ask questions when wine tasting. Wine tasting is an art, and like any other art, it has its own complexities that a patron should understand. Take advantage and ask all kinds of questions ranging from the history of the vineyard, the types of grapes grown, the process of fermenting the wines, to the different house blends of the particular vineyard. Ask away – wine experts love it!

Wine tasting may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Start from the basics outlined here then feel free to go on your own path. Enjoying wine is a lifelong journey and everyone takes their own path. Enjoy yours!

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