Wine Mom & the Critic - Playful Weekly Wine "Review" Show


We’re super excited to announce the launch of Wine Mom & the Critic, a playful wine review show that features Eva – a young mom who loves wine, and Paul – a 20+ year wine journalist and critic. They taste and ‘review’ wine in their own unique way.

The purpose of the show is to visually showcase the juxtaposition between Paul, who represents the way wine is ‘traditionally’ talked about against Eva, who represents the more relatable way wine is talked about. In each episode Eva and Paul taste and discuss a wine, while describing them through their own lens. We end up learning a good bit from each episode including regions, wineries, varietals and, of course, a ‘word of the day’ (a fan favorite has been “quaffable”!). Wine Mom & the Critic is available on our YouTube channel and the plan is to release a new episode each week. It’s a labor of love so we may not make every week, but we’ll give it our best!

We’d love to get your feedback on what appeals to you, what you didn’t care for, the overall production, and suggestions you may have to make each episode better. Feel free to email us: [email protected], hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment below each episode!

If you’re with a winery and would like to have your wine “reviewed” on Wine Mom & the Critic by Eva and Paul, then please email us! Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to hearing from you!

BTS Photos!

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