Wine in Cans are Manly - Interview with Graham Veysey, Founder of MANCAN Wines

Wine in Cans are Manly – MANCAN

Conventional wisdom is being challenged everyday. The wine industry as a whole has not evolved in centuries, but today a number of entrepreneurs are challenging conventional wisdom to how, who, and when wine should be consumed. One such agent of change is MANCAN. Each can is handcrafted in Sonoma County using 100% California grapes. MANCAN is aimed at the soccer-dad as well as the construction worker after a hard day. We have a chat with MANCAN’s founder Graham Veysey and learn how his concept was born after he had a long hard day on the construction site in Ohio. Cleveland Stand Up!

What was the impetus to making wine and selling it in a can? Was there an ‘aha’ moment?
The ‘aha’ moment came in April of 2014. I had been working on a construction project I was managing and was covered in drywall dust when I met a buddy at a bar. I was craving wine and yet this was a bar that — if it had wine — who knows how long it had been half opened.  They had all this craft beer in cans and I asked “Why non wine-in-a-can?” I bought that night.

Wine in Cans are Manly - Interview with Graham Veysey, Founder of MANCAN Wines

Describe your demographic. Is it just men who don’t want to seem effete when drinking with their beer-swilling pals? Or is it bigger than that?

We target anyone who wants to take the chore out of drinking wine.  That being said, we find that millennials and “soccer-dads” tend to love drinking MANCAN the most. After a long day at work, people want to just go to their fridge and grab something easy and delicious.  Dealing with stemware or even worrying about not drinking a whole bottle of wine are things we hear from folks who want that convenience that MANCAN offers.  Also, MANCAN’s awesome blend provides a universal taste appeal.

How do you pitch your product to bartenders, and what kinds of bars are you doing well in?

We do really well at places with live music or spots that don’t have wine lists but love being able to serve our wine without worrying about those crappy plastic cups that break if you sneeze too hard.

How long does your wine keep in the can?

We dose each can with nitrogen and because cans don’t have light penetration, we have a multiple year shelf life where our flavor profile is very stabilized.  That being said, our cans are designed for drinking and not for cellar shelves.

So we’re all about making wine relatable, tell us what movie are we watching while drinking a can of MANCAN?

Not a serious movie…something like Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer that you can laugh to. We’re from Cleveland so we love Lebron James in that movie!

Wine in Cans are Manly - Interview with Graham Veysey, Founder of MANCAN Wines

Any teasers as to new offerings in the future? 

We’ll launch a rose for Summer 2017.

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