Wine and Film. Tom Ford and a Cabernet.


Long before Tom Ford fused fashion, film, and wine with his directorial debut of A Single Man, wine has always played a particular role in watching, and afterwards analyzing, great films. Cinema provides a unique inspiration for design that extends far beyond scenery and costumes. The pace, the plot, and the emotion of the film lends itself greatly towards a particular aroma, especially as you debate the merits of the director’s intention with your mate. Here are a few of my own recent view pairings with my wife.

Watch with big, warm glass of Red Wine

Moulin Rouge starring Nicole Kidman – rich colour palette screams of wine with a sexy warmth. (Rent for $3 on Amazon)

Unfaithful starring Diane Lane – it’s a peculiar film that gives a rush of doing something dangerous. (Rent for $3 on Amazon)

The Game starring Michael Douglas – Wealth. San Francisco. Live action game gone wrong. Intriguing! (Rent for $3 on Amazon)

Go ahead and give A Single Man a screening with 2012 Decoy Cabernet from Sonoma. Fruit. Oak. California Sun. Just delicious.