Red Obsession Narrated by Russell Crowe

Explore Bordeaux's winemaking history; the financial strength of the global fine wine market and China's obsession with French Bordeaux wines.

Red Obsession is one of our favorite wine documentaries. The documentary explores Bordeaux’s winemaking history and their love of terrior.

Terroir is that magical word that means a set of all environmental factors that affect a grapes phenotype (flavor profiles) including farming practices, the land, and a crop’s specific growth habitat. The first half of Red Obsession begs to ask if wine is art that is tightly rooted to the land which cannot be usurped and copied – or is it nothing more than formulaic growing of grapes that can be done anywhere – where terrior can be recreated, perhaps in a lab.

The second half of Red Obsession switches to China’s obsession with French Bordeaux wines. The documentary educates on history, passion and deep cultural roots of Bordeaux’s Premiers Crus: Château Lafite RothschildChâteau LatourChâteau MargauxChâteau Haut-BrionChâteau Mouton Rothschild.

Then the documentary opens your mind to financial markets that trade futures and options on the finest of these wines, and finally we’re taken to China’s global influence, obsession and desire for French wines to the point where they’re building Chateau’s and producing wines that are influenced by Bordeaux. Oh, and for the first time in history a Chinese Red Bordeaux Blend wins top honor at DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS

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