Wine and Basketball: Sac-Town is Proud of Their Roots

The Sacramento Kings, a professional NBA team links up with a much-beloved local family winery, Bogle Vineyards, to bring wine lovers and basketball fans.

Farm-to-Table. Locally Sourced. Organically Grown.

You’ve heard the terms that swarm our society’s conversations today. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the marketers telling us such things–do they mean what they say? 

Let us introduce you to Sacramento: the California capital city that is saying what they mean, and meaning what they say. This Northern California city is indeed the location of hard-working men and women who enjoy where they live, and insist on bringing out the best of its resources. 

Long-time basketball franchise, the Sacramento Kings, paired up with much-beloved local family winery, Bogle Vineyards, to bring wine lovers and fans alike a bottled expression of the area: Proud Roots.

This limited-production wine is a blend of Petite Sirah and Malbecand is a juicy, satisfying and palatable sipper.  The grapes for the one-of-its-kind partnership wine were grown and harvested just 15 miles away from the King’s new arena–Golden 1 Center; perfectly fitting in to its main philosophy of supplying 90% of its food from within a 150 mile radius of the stadium.  Now that’s what we call “Locally Sourced”!

Desiring to tie into this philosophy of tribute and commitment to sustainability, the Bogle Family–avid Kings fans themselves–reached out to the franchise with the idea of coming up with a celebratory wine that expressed the land they each are so proud to occupy.

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As the first NBA partnership of its kind took off, Bogle comprised many blends for the team’s executives to sample.  Both the winery and the basketball team’s representation decided on a blend of 85% Petite Syrah, a heritage grape to Bogle as it was their first-ever varietal planted in 1968, and 15% Malbec; both certified sustainable grown grapes and fitting to the qualifications of the King’s arena. 

The result was a wine that is approachable and versatile; making it the perfect drink for fans to pair with the arena’s food selections, or simply have unaccompanied while enjoying their favorite display of athleticism. For the project’s inaugural year, Jody Bogle of the Bogle family said that only 2,400 cases of the special drop were produced this year, and as they have been supremely “pleased with the response”, it’s possible that more production will come as a result. 

At this time, Proud Roots is not available at your local watering hole nor wine retail store. However, if you want to make the visit to Sacramento, you can certainly taste the blend there, while supplies last, at the Bogle Vineyards tasting room. While there, be sure to also partake in Bogle’s line up of reserve, single-vineyard wines that are only available to visitors at the tasting room. 

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A new partnership expressed, and a fine tribute to the land–Proud Roots is a beacon of symbolism you can sip with a smile. Cheers.