Wine & Dine With Edible Cutlery by Bakeys

Edible Cutlery x Wine

Just as vintners have utilized innovative approaches to create a more sustainable product, producers of classic disposable tableware have now evolved their product into a unique and ethically sensible variant, challenging our perception of the product. Coined by its creator, Indian groundwater researcher Narayana Peesapat, edible cutlery has started to gain traction after socio-economical publication, The Better India, did a spotlight on the innovation of this tasty technology.

Peesepats’ company Bakeys, started in 2011, has developed a novel line of baked spoons, forks, chopsticks and has sold over 1.5 million pieces to date. The mixture of ingredients that make up this nutritious and sustainable solution include rice, wheat, millets, and an assortment of vegetables.

Although it is a fun twist to be able to snack on your spoon or eat your way to some miniature chopsticks, it is imperative to understand the gravity of this product’s potential to impact our planet. Aside from limiting plastic production, Bakeys edible cutlery works directly with farmers to increase their volume of product while adding an immediate influx of growth to the small farming industry. Furthermore, Bakeys employs primarily lower-income women, providing them the opportunity to support their families and move beyond confined gender roles.

Just think, the next time you wine & dine with family and friends, you can pour up an organic or biodynamic wine in a recycled glass, and eat your meal with Bakeys. The future is nearer than you think.

Take a glimpse of The Better India’s innovation series on Bakeys here: