Who to Drink Wine With - #VINOWITH

Wine is an impetus to a conversation. It’s something to be enjoyed with 1 or more people over lively conversation or after a workout. Here are this week’s people we’d love to have #VINOWITH –  join the conversation on Twitter and tag who you’d like to have #VINOWITH


He’s real life Iron Man; a visionary who takes on big (BIG) ideas and makes them come to life in short order. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear what he says after a bottle or two? Since he was born in South Africa, it’s only right to drink some gems from that region.

Chicago Bulls Superstar Dwyane Wade - Wade Cellars Wine Reviewed by Wine Mom & the Critic

Chicago Bulls Superstar Dwyane Wade jumped into the wine game by creating Wade Cellars in partnership with iconic Napa winemaker Jayson Pahlmeyer. The wines were first released in China – here’s a playful video review of his wine on Wine Mom & the Critic.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean, incredible artist with an eclectic style that would pair perfect with some wine. Ocean uses stripped-down beats and effervescent soundscapes, while diving into his evolution of an artist by perfecting a genre that truly melds art and soul. Check out his latest album, and the wine we’d pair with it! 

#VINOMUSIC: Action Bronson Vino-Soaked Rap Lyrics

Former chef and current rapper Action Bronson, because he’s going to say some sh!it and be brutally honest about the wine. He switches “standard” raps of ludicrous spending and promiscuous women (although he covers plenty of both) with rhymes vividly describing the peddling of Shiraz through his neighborhood in Queens, NY (“Shiraz”). Read more.

I like this grape. Logo shirt for women

Because that shirt is awesome. Available now for men and women!