Who to Drink Wine With - #VINOWITH - April 29

Wine is an impetus to a conversation. It’s something to be enjoyed with 1 or more people over lively conversation. Here are this week’s personalities and celebrities we’d love to drink wine with –  #VINOWITH. Join the conversation on Twitter and tag who you’d like to have #VINOWITH.



Gorillaz, Pitchfork’s contributing editor Jayson Greene perfectly describes the album. “The cartoon-band project of Albarn and Jamie Hewlett has evolved into a surprising little institution by relying on a sturdy formula: Return every few years with an album loaded up with au courant guests and a doomsday vibe that fits whatever disaster is currently dominating the headlines. Post-9/11 panic? Great Recession malaise? Trumpian discontent? Gorillaz have a song for that somewhere.”

To drink wine with Albarn and Hewlett would be incredible. I can picture their album playing in the background sitting in plush velvet chairs in some warehouse. This moment requires an inky dark fruit, endlessly layered and nerdy Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Time to crack the 1996 Dunn Howell Mountain. If you’re new to Dunn, proprietor and winemaker Randy Dunn was the winemaker and farmer who put the now iconic Caymus on the map.
<p><a href=Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 1996 on Vivino

Priyanka Chopra


Who wouldn’t want to drink #VINOWITH Actress, producer and drop dead gorgeous Priyanka ChopraMs. Chopra is one of the stars of the new Baytwatch film. She plays the sultry and suspicious Victoria Leed. With her I’d have to drink wine that matches her supple skin, voluptuous body, and charismatic personality. Perfect person to open a 2006 Château La Vieille Cure Fronsac with. A delicious Merlot heavy blend from Bordeaux where Romans first planted grapes. Soft tannins, dark fruit, sexy mouthfeel that continues to get better as the evening advances.

In case you missed it, check out our Q&A with Raj Parr, one of the most recognized Sommeliers in the world.
<p><a href=Fronsac 2006 on Vivino

trump_ #VINOWITH

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is approaching his 100th day in office as his approval rating is turning into vinegar. Nevertheless it would be entertaining to sit across the big orange, talk about the matters he finds important such as Mar-a-Lago, Twitter, and SNL, and drink wine. For what will surely be a bigly moment in my life I’d crack open a pricey Cabernet from a well marketed producer that promises flavors of of mind-blowing complexity, but quickly falls flat to never meet its promises.

I like this grape. Logo shirt for women

I’d totally want to drink wine this anyone wearing such a cool shirt!  Available now for men and women!