Golden State Warriors Championship Wine & London Grammar

The Golden State Warriors spent $200k drinking this wine and we think it works well with this British musical trio.

The Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Champions

Two titles in three seasons gives Northern California’s finest plenty of reason to celebrate. The Warriors put a bow on the NBA season Monday night in Oakland, besting the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 in a seriously good Finals matchup.

So how did Golden State party? By cracking open almost $200K worth of champagne which, naturally, ended up on more sweaty jerseys than palates. Even if you’re a novice wine fan, seeing Moët & Chandon Impérial Golden splash on a dirty tarp will make you pale with disbelief and green with envy. A vino savvy Cavs fan will lose their shit altogether.

If you can’t afford the $1,200 a pop price tag of one of these beauties, let’s opt for a more cost efficient yet equally delicious option. Since Warrior territory sits right in the underbelly of one of the best wine countries on the planet, we’ll go Californian.

A celebratory bottle of 2012 Frank Family Vineyards Blanc de Blancs Brut will do very well. This bright, citrusy heap of bubbly Chardonnay will hit your tongue with breakfast and leave on a creamy dessert. Frank Family is known for its world-class Napa Chardonnay and the sparkling version further justifies that reputation.

London Grammar

This British trio pushed out their 2nd studio album, Truth Is a Beautiful Thing, last week. It’s haunting and beautiful in its sorrow. Hannah Reid‘s voice is massive yet as soft as your favorite blanket during a gloomy June day. Or equally as effective for a walk through the woods to escape the summer heat.

This may be London Grammar but these somber tunes require a nearby Bordeaux neighbor to match. We’ll spin up a bottle of 2012 Chateau Haut-Bergey to set the stage. This Grand Cru gem is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot, which means it comes in bold. However, this wine’s dense, herbaceous body is balanced out by lovely plum fruit – making it a solid pair with Hannah’s dominant and velvety testimonies.