When it Doesn't Work Out

From our group of college friends the last 2 men standing finally asked their girlfriends for holy partnership.  All the guys finally start ‘family’ life; it’s exciting – in my mind, we can have ‘college deux’.  For exapmle we can all go on vacation together, live on the same street, someone will have a man cave, we’ll borrow power-tools, watch each others kids at sports while taking swigs of whisky, and join the neighborhood watch! But before any of these dreams can come true the women-folk need to be comfortable around each other and as a group we have to gel. The first of many group dinners had the makings of a great night:

Dinner Location: hipster, farm to table rustic restaurant off Abbot Kinney in Venice, California

Wine: decided to bring bottles, got fancy with a ’09 Burgundy and then a ’10 Bordeaux.

Expectations: High! Important dinner which was going to be the opening of our lives together.

Result: Sadly, both bottles failed. The Burgundy was too tight and flat, the Bordeaux lacked the balance and flavor profile of a nice 2010 Bordeaux.

So what now? The magic of the evening was that the disappointing wine enabled new conversation, not about the bad wine, but other experiences each of us had about vacations we’ve taken in France, about other disappointments people have had in life and grown from and generally poking fun at each other unsophisticated palate.

Not every exploration of wine is going to lead to gold, but it doesn’t mean you stop exploring! It’ll be fun to try those wines again, with the same group of people in a decade. Let’s see if our palates agree when we’re older and more sophisticated!