WHAT TO PAIR with a Femme Fatale Ros​é

Our favorite Scientist turned winemaker Kristie Tacey tells what song pairs perfectly with a crisp California Ros​é

First the wine. Ros​é all day!

Ros​é all day! Cliché, but so so true. It’s light flavors can compliment most food pairings or picnic foods. The ​ballerina tulle color is alluring and the alcohol is lower to keep your composure.​ Bring it to your next pool party and get the vibe.

This current release is Tessier’s 5th edition of this wine. Every year it has slightly different percentages of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir and El Dorado Grenache. Obviously, it is named after a Velvet Underground song, as I’m a devoted disciple. This year it is 92% Grenache, 8% Pinot Noir. The Grenache grapes were trampled before they went into the press, for some color extraction, then natively fermented in tank.

The Pinot Noir component is a saigne​é​ of juice from the Santa Cruz Mountains fruit. This went to a stainless steel barrel and was natively fermented until dry. Post fermentation, they were married to bring about silken notes of strawberry, orange blossom, white lily, and wet stone. Bright acidity, cotton candy, and pluot notes, which will make your tongue dance. ​This wine has low 12.8% alcohol by volume and limited production (250 cases). Learn more about this wine here!

Now the music.

Bleached, “​Dead In Your Head​”

This ros​é is so refreshingly cool and summery and this song makes me think of warm weather and freedom. They are a perfect match! It starts trippy and then picks up to a melodic, entrancing beat. I love their honesty and intensity, backed with strong female vocals.

When I listen, it clears my mind and I’m transported- I imagine driving around in a convertible with the breeze gently running through my hair and the sun on my skin. I feel calm, strong and relaxed. Turn the volume up and transport yourself- don’t forget your sunglasses!

girl on car p/c https://unsplash.com/@araltasher

Bleached was set to play Burger Bugaloo in Oakland which was moved to Halloween weekend 2020. I can’t wait to see them live! Let me know if you agree with the pairing!

About the author: Kristie Tacey, winemaker and founder of Tessier Winery, is a scientist turned winemaker. She has a deep love of music and wine (as evidencend by her unique David Bowe pairing a few months back!) 

Tessier Winery is certified vegan using minimal intervention winemaking process. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.