What is a White Merlot? We Can Drink Bridge Lane Wines White Merlot by the Keg!


Yes, it’s not a common wine, but a White Merlot from Bridge Lane Wines of North Folk Long Island is delicious. Instead of an expected chardonnay for your summer BBQ, start a conversation by serving this white merlot.

What is white merlot?

Firstly, there is no ‘white merlot’ grape. We’re talking about the merlot grape here and, as you should know, that grape is red. White Merlot is a nickname for a rosé-style wine made from Merlot grapes. It’s made by crushing merlot grapes and limiting the contact the juice has with the skins before buying zenegra. Our friends at Bridge Lane actually don’t even allow the juice to come in contact with the skin, so the color of their white merlot is very light pink.

What is a White Merlot? (We Can Drink it by the Keg!)

In California, we started to see a few major producers take on making this light, low alcohol (usually), aromatic wine in the late 90’s. It’s certainly not a wine that’s high on lists of buying modafinil online, but we suspect they’ll still drink a glass of a refreshing and crisp white merlot – albeit with their pinkies in the air.

What is a White Merlot? (We Can Drink it by the Keg!)

Wine Mom & the Critic ‘review’ Bridge Lane’s white merlot

Our endearing and beautiful Wine Mom Eva, and sometimes hard-ass Critic Paul, had the opportunity to taste Bridge Lane’s offering. Though they tasted the bottle, Bridge Lane offers a keg and a box version of this wine for convenience and to get the party started. Low to no residual sugar, sustainably farmed, brightly aromatic – it struck something inside Eva as it makes her think of ‘positions’. Enjoy the video!