Welcome Spring With This Wine & Eyewear Pairing

Spring, come she will.

Typically, spring means March winds, April showers and May flowers. Cherry blossoms. Easter eggs. Passover. Even ice cold lemonade.

Personally, I translate all of the above to trench coats, the perfect leather weather (READ: when you can actually WEAR leather without freezing to death or boiling your soul), and ushering in an array of accessories more suited to the season. The wind still carries a cool snap to it, but the sunshine keeps moods light as grass grows and buds push their way up toward the sun. Artfully enjoying spring fashion is always a balance of sorts as you pull yourself out of the doldrum of winter.

A good place to start is your face.

12310701_1547053058949935_6588111024193979589_nDada-e is an Italian eyewear brand that delivers on fashionable frames for optical or fashion use. The craftsmanship is purely Italian, sourcing acetate and other materials within Italy and producing there as well. The brand itself is one part bold, one part chic, with a smidge of garish. While some pieces are made for the sole purpose of attention grabbing and showcasing flare, others are straightforward in their understated elegance.

What wine to pair, you ask?

Gavi Di Gavi Vigne San Martino DOCG Giodano Lombardo

From the bio-dynamic farm of Giordano Lombardi, Gavi di Gavi Vigne di San Martino is made from Cortese grapes known to the surrounding Piemonte (Piedmont) and Liguria regions. Crisp, light, and supple this Gavi falls somewhere between a Sauvignon Blanc (not as dry, brisk) and a Pinot Grigio (less buttery, fruity and well…basic). The most noticeable features of this wine are its nose and finish – breathe deeply and take in an aroma some describe as fresh cut hay but what comes off to me as spring flowers with the slightest touch of orange blossom. Its finish is delicate but lingers with a mineral-citrus taste.

Florals, leather or whatever you decide – it’s all relative. Spring means renewal, define your tastes and watch what blossoms next.