Childish Gambino The Thinking Man's Drake

Pairing Childish Gambino's music to a wine.

Music and wine should be paired. Both create a natural narrative for your distant journey. Here we take Childish Gambino’s album Kauai.

Actor Donald Glover first caught everyone’s attention in the NBC show Community. Like Aubrey Drake Graham before him (Drake played Jimmy from Canada’s DeGrassi High), Donald’s creative journey extended far beyond the screen.

As rapper Childish Gambino, Glover released the 2008 mixtape Sick Boi and followed with a few more mixtapes until he released the critically acclaimed debut Because The Internet in 2013.

But we’re here to talk about his 2014 Hip Hop R&B hybrid double mixtape STN MTN/Kauai. We suggest starting with the Kauai side, which is one part Michael Jackson, one part Prince, one part D’angelo. The second track called Pop Thievesis a good place to start.

Kauai allows us to sonically transport ourselves to the Pacific isle. Additionally, thanks to Donald, all proceeds from the purchase of the mixtape will go towards environmental causes in Kauai.

Take a listen to Kauai and think distant thoughts of our 50th state.

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