#VINOMUSIC: Sunny & Gabe

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

Music and Wine should be paired like a great duo – PhantogramSonnymoon and Quadron are examples that come to mind as some recent musical pairings that just.simply.work. They work even though these names may seem foreign to you. All good, step outside the bubble and let’s explore Sunny & Gabe

To truly experience the ethereal sound of Sunny & Gabe, one has to LOOK and LISTEN to their outstanding single I LUV IT featuring D.R.A.M. (from his #1EpicEP release) and its accompanying video. (Yes, the same D.R.A.M. with the jam Cha Cha that Drake drew inspiration, and controversy from, for Hotline Bling.) We sat down with the next duo you should know and asked about how the making of the one-take-shot video come about:

“Basically, I LUV IT started as a beat with a hook to shop to other artists. We ended up holding on to it for whatever reason and the rest of the record was created at my house (Gabe) while we were hanging out and recording. In the video, everybody was just having fun. For the video we set up a party at The Parlor in Norfolk like we might on any night. The video was a one-take shot and was really a few minutes of our reality documented for the world.”

Take a look at I LUV IT (directed by Treezy of VisuallyInklined/RBLE Productions) and imagine yourself with a nice bubbly glass of Sapere Aude Sparkling and hanging out with the kids that are cooler than you, but wouldn’t let you know it. . .because they’re that damn cool.