#VINOMUSIC: Sevdaliza & Juliette Provence Rosé

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

Sevdaliza & Juliette 2015 Provence Rosé

When it becomes difficult to express the experience, oftentimes we look to music to pick up where we left off. The storytelling in the songwriting is what beckons us to listen, and the emotion in the artist’s voice is what keeps us at attention. The familiarity of emotions arranged in words and sounds can be as complex as the process of winemaking, but one thing rings true between both; listening to a song is as taking a sip of wine as they both make you feel, and evoke memories.

Have you ever been in the space where you are not portraying the realest version of yourself because perhaps a part of you was a bit broken? You go through your day like all is well and good, but you know deep down inside there are things that you know you need to work on in order to progress. Society generally makes us feel like we are not good enough, and in the realm of relationships, oftentimes we put on a cool face to appear to be the best for our lover. What would this grey area sound and taste like?

When it comes to the realm of love and relationships, a crisp rosé often comes to mind, but given the fact of the matter, it would be one that is a little more tart. Take Juliette Provence Rosé for example. The 2015 rosé is a bright rosegold color comprised of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah grapes from Domaine de la Sanglière in the Provence region of Southern France. It is full of the scent of luscious berries on the nose, but once you sip, it is bone dry. That bit of uncertainty is reminiscent of the song “Marilyn Monroe” by Iranian-Dutch songstress Sevdaliza.

Sonically the tune is beautiful, almost haunting at times, with songwriting that paints a picture of a woman who is hiding; I’m trying to fix myself/ and not care/ too much about you. Like the iconic Marilyn Monroe, who was and still is seen as the perfect woman, Sevdaliza assures the listener that there is much more behind the physical facade of a beautiful woman.

Listen to “Marilyn Monroe” here, watch the music video below, and be sure to be on the look out for what is next from Sevdaliza via her official website.

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Photo: Nick Helderman