#VINOMUSIC: Rockstar

“There are a lot of similarities between music and winemaking. It’s a craft. You have to be able to play your ‘instrument’, but then the rest of it are choices you have to make as an artist. And it’s also the ritual and the repetition. Wine is here and then it’s gone…every season is different. Music is much like that…happy accidents…improvisation. Every time you play a song, even if it’s the same song, it’s different because you’re different, different time, different crowd. That’s why I never get tired of doing it”
– Jerry Casale, Winemaker and founder of DEVO

The music world is filled with strong personalities. ‘Crooners’, ‘Rock-Stars’, ‘Divas’, ‘Troubled-Souls’, ‘Geeks’. Whatever the nomenclature, hearing someone described this way almost immediately conjures images of your favorite musical personality. Right? Here is where the music world and the wine world collide yet again.

There is no cookie cutter wine personality. Just as wines are different from one another, it makes sense that on another level the people behind them are vastly different as well. Their persona bound to the finished product the way an author may reveal him/herself in a novel or songwriter to a song. Trace amounts or heaping mounds of themselves find their way in. And the fun part is we, as consumers get to interpret this if we so choose.

Today I’d like to give a shoutout to one of my favorite producers of fine Washington wines, Charles Smith. In a former life Charles was living in Denmark, managing Metal bands. Today, he is a purveyor of some of the coolest Syrah based wines I have ever tasted coming out of Washington State under his K-Vintners label. Not to mention he was awarded Wine Enthusiast’s Global Winemaker of the year in 2014.

The first time my partner Kyle walked into Charles’ Winery/Barn he was blasted by rock music that he was playing to seemingly placate the wines in their barrels. One particular song that made the moment for him was Love’s My Little Red Book.

Man, what a friggin badass little psychedelic rock song. Fitting for one badass winemaker and in every sense, a true ‘rockstar’ of the wine world.

Contributing Author: Patrick Meyer, Creative Director, The Wine Exchange

Drink: K Vintners Syrah The Deal Sundance Vineyard 2011 

Listen: Love, My Little Red Book