Music and wine should be paired. It’s unexplainable how music touches us. A melody or  lyrics can pull emotions from deep inside and shove them into the forefront of our conscienceless. This new Kanye West track “Only One”, which features Sir Paul McCartney, is filled with layers of emotion from Kanye being poured over a minimalist melody. It’s a beautiful relationship when an artist can reach into you and touch something inside your soul – that what he touched manifests itself into what your conscience can only identify as just ‘music’.

For anyone that’s lost a parent there is love in this song you will identify with. Pair this track with a glass that means something to you. I’ll be pairing mine with a Cabernet from Grgich Hills Estate. Deep, beautiful and filled with personal meaning. Cheers.

DRINK: Grgich Hills Estate Grown Cabernet 

LISTEN: Kanye West “Only One”