#VINOMUSIC: Listen to Rodrigo y Gabriela and Drink a 2013 Lapostolle Carménère

Music and wine should be paired. We call this #VINOMUSIC.

Chileans know BBQ. Much like their Argentinian neighbors, meat is a critical staple of a Chilean diet and is prepared in countless ways. A classic Chilean asado is definitely the way to go. The asado includes an expansive range of pork, beef, chicken and lamb — all grilled over a wide open flame. This traditional yet straightforward method delivers a flavor, and experience, that is unrivaled.

However, there are a few other key elements to the asado: wine, music, and community. Chileans love a good excuse to get together and the asado is an invitation that works every time. The wine and music selection can, and should, round out this perfect Chilean experience.

The music

For the tunes, go with the catalog from Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their take on flamenco music is simply awesome. Both Rodrigo and Gabriela honed their musical roots with a passion for heavy metal while growing up in Mexico City. The heavy metal background directly influences the Rodrigo y Gabriela sound: a whirlwind of charisma and insane flamenco-style finger work.

One of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s latest, 9 Dead Alive, or any of their live albums will get the party on its feet. You’ll need that energy on the speakers for the coma-inducing meat and wine that are sure to be consumed.

Speaking of wine, Carménère will be an ideal choice for this shindig. The Carménère varietal is a predominately Chilean grape that is medium in body, high in acidity, and forward in red-fruit flavors. Its style is very similar to Merlot. In fact, Carménère in Chile was mistakenly thought to be Merlot for decades until winegrowers rectified its true varietal. The mixup was an “oops” for the better as now you don’t find good Carménère outside of Chile too often.

The wine

Let’s roll with a 2013 Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Carménère for the party. This is a versatile Carménère, as much of the grape is, that will fit like a glove with the array of asado meats in play. You’ll get some darker fruits, a little raspberry, as well as punches of smoke, spice, and minerality on the tongue. The wine balances well with the grilled meat spices, without one head-locking the other into submission.

#VINOMUSIC: Listen to Rodrigo y Gabriela and Drink a 2013 Lapostolle Carménère
#VINOMUSIC: Listen to Rodrigo y Gabriela and Drink a 2013 Lapostolle Carménère

The 2013 Lapostolle Carménère comes from the Rapel Valley region, right smack in the middle of Chile’s Central Valley. The Rapel Valley is lucky. Wine produced here often contains grapes from both the Cachapoal and Colchagua valleys, which border Rapel on the north and south respectively. Flirting with these two heavy players in the Carménère game yields a solid vino. Besides, at roughly $14 per bottle, you can easily stock up for the asado as this is a big victory for the price.

Flip on the grill, turn up the Rodrigo y Gabriela, and get yourself into a 2013 Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Carménère. You’ll be swaying, dressed in your chupalla and chamanto, in no time.

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