#VINOMUSIC: Lion Babe & Vezér 2013 Estate Verdelho

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC. Listen to "Whole" by Lion Babe and drink Vezér 2013 Estate Verdelho.

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

When you wake up in the morning each day, do you begin your day with a bit of silence, or do you begin it with music? If you do begin it with music, what does that sound like? Bright productions reminiscent of the sunlight and a fresh start? Synth-heavy tracks that energize you to put your all into the day ahead? Let me share a recent morning with you.

We here at I like this grape took a team retreat out to Napa Valley to visit various wineries, and focus on team building activities. We stayed at Chateau Jaune, the guest estate on the Vezér Family Vineyard property in Suisun Valley. We were treated to a private tasting of about eight wines with none other than the man in charge, Frank Vezér. The majority of the wines were reds, but the one white we tried, the 2013 Estate Verdelho, was just delectable.

With notes of orange bitters, green apple and citrus, the Verdelho’s taste was bright and sunny to me, reminiscent to the track “Whole” by Lion Babe. “Whole” is really an extraordinary way to open the album, and sounded lovely the morning I pressed play, and had the sounds fill the house. The build up is so pleasing, just like the aromas and flavors of the Verdelho. Maybe one day soon you will begin your day with a glass?

Listen to “Whole” by Lion Babe below and learn more about the duo via their official website.

Drink Vezér 2013 Estate Verdelho here.

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