#VINOMUSIC: Kelley James

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

Kelley James is a singer songwriter who is a bit hard to define. This is why we dig him. James is a charismatic and ridiculously talented lyricist. He’s from SoCal, plays acoustic guitar and draws inspiration from Nirvana to Tupac. We had the opportunity to sit and chat with James. Among various topics of conversation, James blessed us with throwing down a freestyle for VINOMUSIC!

His music is laid back and he exemplifies the Southern California lifestyle. When it comes to his writing and where he draws inspiration he had a very specific point of view.

“It’s gotta be personal experience or, you draw inspiration from fantasy by telling a great story. If the song is personal, then it has to be something that actually happened, it has to be real; if you’re writing from fantasy and telling a story, then you have to commit to that story. You can’t do the middle ground – talk about something personal or tell a great story. In the 90s Ben Harper wrote a song where he spoke in the first-person, but as a woman. That’s a powerful, and difficult way to tell a story but he committed to the narrative.” 

To prove a point in telling a great story here is James freestylin’, while playing the guitar, about VINOMUSIC! Enjoy and support a fantastic artist and overall good dude.


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