#VINOMUSIC: James Blake & Chamisal Vineyards 2012 Estate Syrah

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

James Blake & Chamisal Vineyards 2012 Estate Syrah

There are times when we can listen to a new song by an artist that we do not know personally, and feel everything that they have felt in writing, arranging, producing the final tune titillates our eardrums. Intricacies in synthesized instrumental production and unexpected vocal manipulations can just take you to a place that you have not yet imagined. Great songwriting adds to this depth, digging into emotions and experiences that can best be amplified in musical form. The music of James Blake has always done that for me.

Bursting onto the music scene back in 2010, the 27-year old London bloke has a vocal presence wise beyond his years that can be most easily described as haunting. Categorized as Electronic or Electronica because of the production tools he uses, Blake really makes Soul music, as his writing can be so emotionally enigmatic, yet explicit at the same time. With the release of his third studio album, The Colour in Anything just last week, Blake delivers 17 tracks filled with longing, pain, and love lost, which can best be enjoyed with a generous glass of red.

The overall feeling of the project is bittersweet; kind of like the taste of Syrah. Take Chamisal Vineyards 2012 Estate Syrah, for example. Harvested in Edna Valley, California in the classic year of 2012, the Estate Syrah has aromas of dried plum, fresh cigar, dark spice and menthol, with tasting notes of “macerated dark fruit and black plum swell on the palate, backed by hints of savory umami flavors, vanilla and cocoa.” There are supple tannins and refreshing acid in the wine which make it a lovely experience on the palate, and a great pairing with introspective music.

It was difficult to choose just one song to write about, but the album’s opener “Radio Silence” really sets the mood. With the repetition of lyrics I can’t believe this, you don’t wanna see me / I don’t know how you feel, we really empathize with Blake’s pain for a lover lost. For this song, you definitely want to hold your glass close, sip slow, and resist the urge to text your ex. Reflect instead.

Watch and listen to the official audio of James Blake’s “Radio Silence” below, and check out his official website for exclusive tour dates, and more info on how to buy or stream his new album, The Colour in Anything.

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