#VINOMUSIC: Ibeyi & Mouton Noir 2014 "Love Drunk" Rosé

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

 Ibeyi & Mouton Noir 2014 Rosé

Life, in its very simplest of forms, is a constant journey between extremes. Good and evil. Love and hate. Happiness and sadness. Darkness and light. These are all things that we cannot escape, but must experience on our respective journey, in our own time. When we develop deep relationships with others, whether it be on a friendship, business, or romantic level, these extremes become increasingly complicated, as when we care for someone else, we sometimes put our own personal issues on the back burner.

Have you ever been so enamored by someone that you forgot about all your problems? Or been so consumed by that person that you wanted to invest every bit of love you possessed in your being to love them with? Infatuation, at its best can make our worlds so cloudy, because the excitement of that other person can truly make us forget about all of our troubles. On the other hand, the experience of falling out of love is one that is so bittersweet. What would the in between area sound and taste like?

The spark of new love, the infatuation stage, can be so intoxicating but so sweet, like a sip of rosé, specially Mouton Noir 2014 Love Drunk Rosé. The super drinkable Oregon wine carries aromas of strawberry and raspberry, with notes of wild strawberry, watermelon rind, and kiwi on the tongue. The feeling is one of renewal, almost one of bathing in the freshest of waters to embark on this new love. It sounds like the song “River” by French-Cuban twin vocalists, Ibeyi. The chant-like arrangement of the song is inspired by the Yoruba goddess of fresh, sweet waters, Oshun. The lyrics ask to sink my pains and complains/let the river take them, river drown them, figuratively asking their new love to forgive their past, and start anew.

Watch the music video for “River” below and learn more about Ibeyi and their upcoming tour dates on their official website and sip on Mouton Noir 2014 Love Drunk Rosé.

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