#VINOMUSIC: Gucci Mane x Dirty Primitivo

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

Gucci Mane is finally free (if only the fashion brand was as well), and in this case artistry has certainly followed absolution. After three, long, hard years in a maximum security federal penitentiary, trap raps godfather made a mythological return from trouble with the law far outweighing stints of more popular superstars, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. With a new name (legally) and 75 pounds off of his 6’2 frame, Guwop emerged as a man unrecognizable if not for his now fading iconic ice cream cone tattoo plastered across his face.

Gone was the signature pot belly extending as far as his charisma, the Atlanta drawl blurred by years of heavy indulgence in lean and marijuana and the man who embodied drug use, violence and bizarre behavior as much as the heart of Atlanta rap culture.

This new, contemporary, Gucci stood as a somber, sober man who used the urgency of his time away from society to create the most conscious version of himself. So contradictory was Guwop’s physical and mental transformation, that a case of reverse culture shock generated ridiculous internet rumors insinuating that the Gucci released from prison was a clone created by the CIA.

With Everybody Looking, his 9th studio album, trap raps innovator capitalizes on his hiatus and reminds all of us that change is inevitable and that sobriety does not detract from swagger or persona. As literally everybody is looking, especially his probation officer, Gucci employs producers Zaytoven and Mike Will Made-it to set a backdrop of the highest quality trap beats to Guwop’s rhythmic jail written raps.

For those of us who aren’t following in Gucci’s sobriety, what wines embody the bumpy and vibrant ATL sound echoed on the album?

Pair Guwop’s new album with Zinfandels’ Italian cousin, a Primitivo. Big, gusty, earthy. A pinch of dirt in every glass. Unapologetic with a stemmy aftertaste that’s somehow perfect. Go for a Cignomoro Vecchie Vigne 80, 100% Primitivo grapes from 80 year old vines ($35).

“Everybody Looking” spans over 15 tracks, is in stores and available to stream everywhere here.