#VINOMUSIC: Gabriel Garzón-Montano & California Syrah

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

What is love, and what does it feel like? Is it a kiss on the neck? A warm embrace at the end of a cold day? A home-cooked meal? Love can take many forms for many people, from the most mundane to extraordinary experiences. Let us paint a picture. You are just a week past Valentine’s Day, and to make this a happy story, you had a wonderful time. Your date was all that you imagined, and in the days since, you two have been hanging out exclusively.

In this week, you decide to hang with your boo by their place for a glorified Netflix & Chill date. They have prepared a nice dinner, and you have brought the wine, popcorn, and snacks. After gazing into each other’s eyes during a delicious dinner, you fill a bowl with freshly popped popcorn and get comfy on the couch. The movie is good, but you really use it as an excuse to cuddle and play in their hair. Ending credits appear and you decide it is the proper time to crack open a bottle of vino to wind down a bit more. Your wine of choice? A silky Syrah from Napa Valley’s Waterstone Winery, specifically the 2012.

You throw on an awesome chill playlist that begins with the track “6 8” by Gabriel Garzón-Montano. The stripped-down production almost mimics a heartbeat, and the silky vocals of Garzón-Montano pair perfectly with your Syrah, which has notes of ripe berries and white pepper, with hints of mocha and tobacco. The feeling you get is one full of passion, yet refined. Perhaps you have really impressed your new boo thang with your expert wine and music pairing? Cheers to the beautiful night ahead.

Listen to “6 8” here, and check out a snippet of the music video below. Bonus points to you if you can figure out which rapper sampled the song!

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