#VINOMUSIC: Frank Ocean x Gotsa Mtsvane

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

After a seemingly endless hiatus (four years to be exact), visionary artist Frank Ocean’s wave breaks by enveloping us with a visual album, a surprise pop-up shop and his torturously long-awaited album, Blonde(originally expected as “Boys Don’t Cry”). Employing stripped-down beats and effervescent soundscapes, Ocean dives into his evolution of an artist by perfecting a genre that truly melds art and soul. His unrelenting emotional onslaught over 17 tracks provides relate-ability of the most sensitive kind while also exploring the most extreme emotions unrealized by the listener. In tracks such as “Nikes” and “Nights,” Frank takes us through a journey of his experiences and gives insight into his current state of mind by implementing an instrumental and production-heavy style as seen in his visual album release Endless.” Frank uses verbal story tracks scattered throughout the album such as “Be Yourself,” “Facebook Story” and “Good Guy” to make social points relating to individuality, masculinity and the effect of social technology on modern relationships.

Aside from the creative and experimental tracks, there’s nothing like hearing Frank leave the vibrato and tone in his voice to express his feelings as he does in the emotional ballad, “Ivy.” He gives us more context on the letter he wrote on the heels of his last album, “Channel Orange,” where he seemingly came out of the closet and thanked his first love. He describes the permanent imprint a first love leaves, cycling between the hate that comes with love but ultimately admitting that “Deep down/The feeling still deep down is good.” Instrumentally it is the most stripped-down track on the album, climaxing at a point where Frank opens up on his regrets about “All the things I didn’t mean to say/I didn’t mean to do.”


As unorthodox as Frank’s new album “Blonde,”  this unique wine from Kartli, GeorgiaGotsa Family Wines 2013 Mtsvane ($30) is a 100% Mtsvane amber wine that undergoes native yeast fermentation. Frank Ocean has developed a pension for tapping into unknown feelings and Mstvane’s honey color, tannic mouthfeel, and wildly unfamiliar flavors have the same effect. The wine is fermented and aged in traditional Georgian Qvevri (a vessel made of red clay) and buried deep beneath the earth. Mtsvane will not only appeal to wine lovers but also to emotional connoisseurs. Its novel structure will leave you with an overwhelming experience of the senses.

“Blonde” spans over 15 tracks, is in stores and available to stream everywhere here.