#VINOMUSIC: Eryn Allen Kane & Nero d'Avola

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

The combination of a great wine and a beautifully composed piece of music is one we seek out on a constant basis. Let us set the scene. It’s a Friday evening and you have had a less than spectacular week. You think of the perfect way to unwind, and sipping some red, whilst playing some soulful tunes in the background sound like just what you need. You turn on the velvety voice of newcomer Eryn Allen Kane, specifically her song “Have Mercy” (because you know, you had a rough week), and pour up a glass of 2012 Stemmari Nero d’Avola, a dark, dry red native to Sicily.

The dryness of the wine mimics the stillness that is present throughout the song; reminiscent of a Gospel spiritual. There is brightness at the height of the chorus, which brings out the berry notes in the wine; strawberry, cranberry, and sour cherries. Dark, yet refined. Intense, yet soft. The perfect way to unwind.

Listen to Eryn Allen Kane’s debut EP here.

Learn more about 2012 Stemmari Nero d’Avola here.