#VINOMUSIC: Duran Duran & A Champagne From 1985

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

Duran Duran & 1985 J de Telmont Brut Rosé Champagne

The music scene in the early 1980s was a time of fashion, art, self-indulgence, and a new genre called New Romanticism; what better represents that era than the new romantic band, Duran Duran.  The movement was short-lived, but Duran Duran moved on to create their image with trailblazing fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, and Antony Price to name a few. Lead singer Simon LeBon’s iconic linen suit and blue shirt in the video “Rio” was a creation of Antony Price.

As Duran Duran evolved in their sartorial appearance, so did their musicality. After an appearance of the “Fab Five” at 1985’s Live Aid, the band pursued side projects with both John Taylor and Andy Taylor forming The Power Station with Robert Palmer; Le Bon and Nick Rhodes created Arcadia and explored further with the Duran Duran sound. Roger Taylor contributed to both side projects.

Most recently, Duran Duran reunited with long-time friend and producer, Nile Rodgers, of the band Chic, for their new album Paper Gods. Rodgers produced “The Reflex”, Duran Duran’s first number one hit in the United States. The album includes many other contributors that give Duran Duran a new sound; the first single is “Pressure Off” with Nile Rodgers playing guitar riffs and Janelle Monaé contributing vocals. The song is fun, catchy, and different from a darker tune such as “The Chauffeur.” I had the opportunity to see them at the Verizon Center in DC on April 8th; this was my 11th time seeing them since the 1997. Each time I see them live, I’m reminded of my childhood and the days when my walls were covered with Duran Duran posters.

1985 J de Telmont Brut Rosé Champagne 1985 J de Telmont Brut Rosé Champagne[/caption]

So what wine pairs with Duran Duran you say? I chose the 1985 J de Telmont Brut Rosé Champagne from Damery, France; one of Champagne’s Top 20 wine producers. Champagne symbolizes celebration and is a key ingredient in any fête. Because the 1980s were a time of decadence, Champagne fits the bill.

1985 was also the last time the original “Fab Five” performed together, and the color of the rosé reminds me of the pink/pastel-hued shirts the band sported under their white suits of the 1980s.

Per the tasting notes, “the candied fruit aromas and notes of raspberry liquor” remind me of the colors in the “Rio” video. J de Telmont says about the 1985 vintage, “the 1985 Vintage seems to be of an extraordinary quality, which will only get better with age”, and in my opinion, just like Duran Duran.

Contributor: Based in Washington, D.C., Sangeeta Rao has been working in Marketing & Events for the past 15 years with an interest in food and wine. Career highlights include working in marketing/PR at the Food Network, and in event management at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Currently, she is a wine sales associate for Five Grapes, LLC, a wholesaler, and sells organic boutique wines, older vintage world wine, and a patented wine keg dispensing system to many restaurants in the D.C. area. Besides wine being her passion,  she is a music lover and a travel addict.

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Cover photo: Kristin Burns