#VINOMUSIC: Drake's 'VIEWS' Paired With His Favorite Italian Wines


Sitting atop the highest point in Toronto, the CN tower, Drake overlooks his city contemplating the trials and tribulations of a lifestyle that can be as unrelatable as it is unreachable. With VIEWS, the 6 God’s most recent contribution to the soundscape, he is once again able to excavate through his deepest emotions, expertly allowing the listener to empathize. Although we hear a distinct shift in musical styles, an island flair and a dissent from classic raps, what remains constant is his dexterity for delivering raw emotion. He makes you love women you’ve never met, throw shade at imaginary haters, and reflect (relatively) on the rollercoaster of life. Ultimately, VIEWS leaves listeners with a culmination of emotion, and more importantly, insight into the mind of a young man who has reached his prime as a musical artist and global icon.

Despite his worldwide presence, Drake has embraced his hometown like no other artist in the spotlight, displayed through countless references in his music, crew, and culture. Whether he is sitting court side as the Raptors “Brand Ambassador”, or receiving a key to the city from Mayor John ToryDrake has become synonymous with the entirety of Toronto culture, including food and wine.  

For those of you who remember, a few years ago Drake proclaimed his love for wine in an interview segment with Katie Couric. Aside from mentioning his avid obsession with Italian food, the Champagne Papi (his Instagram handle) showed his competency in wine by mentioning two of his favorites. We took the liberty of picking a small selection of songs from VIEWS we feel represent each of his choices.

 Displayed on the left, the first pick is a Gaja wine, called Sito Moresco. The same way Drake’s music is a medley of styles, Sito Moresco is a seamless harmony between three red vine grapes (Nebbiolo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon) creating a powerful aroma of berries and well integrated tannins. A recent style Drake has been experimenting with on the album is the island/dancehall-ish flow echoed on tracks such as “Controlla” and “One Dance”. Unavoidably catchy and rhythmic, Drake embraces his inner Voodoo Child with these fresh additions to his musical style. 

The second wine he endorses is a deep red from Tuscany, Tignanello Antinori. As intense as Drizzy himself, Tignanello Antinori a potent red blended from a selection of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes. On the palate, there are hints of black cherry, tar, and spice. “Weston Road Flows” comes to mind immediately because it harkens back to a young Aubrey Graham on the come-up putting his heart and soul into the game.

Although one might assume that Drake’s tastes may be too high end for the common wino, both Sito Moresco and Tignanello Antinori are readily available and won’t completely break the bank. Drink up and take in the VIEWS.