#VINOMUSIC: BottleRock Napa Valley

#VINOMUSIC: BottleRock Napa Valley

We’re headed to the 3rd Annual BottleRock Napa Valley festival the weekend of May 29-31. While at the festival we will be covering the weekends events while being merry with wine. Be sure to follow our twitter @ilikethisgrape for live social casting and written publications for each day on our site under the #VINOMUSIC section. We’re looking forward to being on the ground with 120,000 others who share a passion for wine culture. If you see us be sure to say hi and grab some of our secret stash!

As the Voice of Modern Wine Culture, our efforts will continue to blend the worlds of music, film, fashion, and art with wine. Creating unique content for publication through a small video series covering enthusiast enjoying wine in their own voice. We’ll be engaging festival goers, culinary talent, wine savants, and artists alike.

Festival season in Napa Valley runs during the warm summer months. Napa Valley is a prime venue for this festival, offering the perfect weather of California along with barrels of uncorked deliciousness. The natural rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop during the setting hours of the sun as the festival goes in to full swing for the leading acts of the lineup such as Robert Plant, Echo Smith, and Snoop Dogg. Other notable acts include Aer, Cage The Elephant, Public Enemy, No Doubt, and Imagine Dragons. Late nights will focus on the silent disco, we’re looking for those funky beats and smooth drops. Be sure to check out this #VINOMUSIC playlist to get in the mood for the festival, we’ve been playing it like crazy.

The Orange County Register (via our resident contributor Paul Hodgins) will be helping with content circulation and media relations while at the festival. This opportunity was made possible thanks to SkyBell, Boswell, Tres Sabores and Uptown Uncorked.

If you’d like to connect with us while up in Napa Valley for either a drink, interview, or chat please contact us.