#VINOMUSIC: BottleRock Edition - Pion 2 Zion

A true Napa original, Pion 2 Zion has carved a unique niche as a high-intensity reggae rock band. The five-member group found a following with its upbeat stage presence. Their music covers a crazy-quilt of themes and styles, and you’ll hear many eclectic influences in their songs, including Spanish lyrics and dub beats. Pion 2 Zion’s songs are about the struggles we all face and the dreams we chase, and occasionally it ventures into anti-establishment messaging. Everything is delivered with the “good vibes” energy that’s one of reggae’s most identifiable characteristics. All of Pion 2 Zion’s music and lyrics are original.

Eric Payan (guitar, vocals), the energetic founder of the band, has lived in the Napa Valley since he was 14 years old. He is the oldest of three brothers and honed his guitar skills playing with them as a teenager.  Alex Karlman (Bass Guitar, Vocals) joined the group two years ago and has breathed new life into the band. He has a background in funk music and after a few practices with the band, he cemented his position as a dynamic vocalist. Gary Paddock (Drums) has been with the band for three years. He loves the way the whole team creates songs in a collaborative manner. Chad Schuler (Vocals, Tenor Sax) has really enjoyed playing on the big stage of BottleRock Napa this year, a big leap from when they played in the front parking lot of the festival as an unofficial band last year! Karl Gonsalves (Percussion & Aux) discovered the band while he was judging a local reggae concert.

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