#VINOMUSIC: Bob Marley & Coppola 2014 Merlot

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC.

February is upon us, and with that brings us the wonderful celebration of Black History Month. It also brings us the earth strong (birthday) celebration of one of the most iconic musicians of our time; Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley. Born on the 6 of February, 1945 on his maternal grandfather’s farm in Saint Ann Parish Jamaica, Marley would go on to share his musical gifts to the world in the short thirty-six years he was here on this planet. Growing up listening to Marley on repeat from my father, I always thought that it was impossible to not enjoy his music. Everyone likes a good reggae tune with a message, no?

Like the sweet sounds of Bob Marley bring the people together, so does wine! Let us set the scene. You are having a chill evening with your friends and family, and want to mellow out. You put some Bob on through your sound system, specifically that of ‘Sun Is Shining’. You have already eaten and decide to fill your glass with something deeper than your usual red. Your wine of choice? Coppola Diamond Collection 2014 Merlot. This purple Garnet-colored Merlot consisting of fruit from the Californian appellations of Robles, Sonoma and Monterey County, is impeccably smooth with notes of cherry, currant, blueberries, and creme brûlée. Just as sweet and smooth as the sounds of the incomparable Bob Marley. Raise a glass to celebrate his musical legacy!

 Sun is shining/the weather is sweet/makes you want to move/your dancing feet.

Listen to ‘Sun Is Shining’ here, and watch a live version below.

Learn more about Coppola Diamond Collection 2014 Merlot here.

Photo credit: Rolling Stone