#VINOMUSIC Blind Wine Tasting With Jesse Boykins III (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, we introduced you to part one of our two part sit-down with R&B/soul singer, Jesse Boykins IIIvia a four question interview entitled #VINO4. In part two, we blind taste three wine varietals and get to dig into what types of music and visual settings Jesse would pair with each.

#VINOMUSIC Spoiler alert: Jesse is not a drinker, so this experience was very new to him, and as a viewer, you are able to get a firsthand look at how an informal wine tasting would proceed. I was able to use the knowledge I have attained in my wine classes to better describe tasting notes, color variations, and scent. Click play below to get into it.

Want to explore the wines featured in this video and blind tasted by our man Jesse Boykins III? All varietals are below for your information. Drink up!

Wine # 1: Dirty and Rowdy Sémillon 2014

Wine # 2: j. brix Vin Gris of Grenache 2014

Wine # 3: Beckmen Vineyards 2013 Cuvee Le Bec