#VINO4: Pion2Zion

Hailing from Northern California, Pion 2 Zion is a high intensity Reggae Rock band that has highly charged lively performance and ‘good vibes’ energy. With lyrics ranging anywhere from anti-establishment propaganda, to fly by the seat of your pants – party till you drop – good times, Pion’s ideals have been attracting the attention of a large array of listeners all across the Nation and their show at BottleRock Napa 2015 was simply awesome! The group has a positive energy about them and were very cool to meet and chat with. Keep an eye (and ears!) to this emerging group – you’ll thank us! Enjoy.

How do you balance your lives as many of you still have day jobs?

We don’t sleep much and dedicate at least one day a week to really throw all our efforts into practicing. We constantly talk between ourselves, discussing new trends, and ideas to improve our music.

How do the current trends in commercial music affect your reggae roots?

Anything worth keeping and doing requires sacrifice. The youth of the world need to be reminded that a lack of education and motivation and superficiality can be detrimental to their lives. Our music looks to liberate young individuals through fun music that focuses on positive change.
As Genghis Khan said, “Keep the Khans together. It’s easy to snap one arrow, but many arrows, they are impossible to break.” We try to relay our feelings towards living life positively in a non-invasive way to the youth culture.

What is your band’s current motto?

“Stand tall and be proud, don’t settle for anything less than love.”

What wine would you pair with your music?

Chad would pair a good Port; Karl would pair our music with a blend from Napa Valley, such as a 2012 Paraduxx Pintail Blend.

Latest album from Pion2Zion: Rise Up


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