VINO4: Katie Schloss of Three Jane

Cool People. 4 Questions. 1 Bottle of Wine.

There is a romantic correlation between the flow of wine and the flow of creativity. Wine inspires many creatives, especially when paired with their favorite song and a spectacular West Village view. We’re talking a view where the garden parties are epic and the space was featured on Style Me Pretty Living.

We chatted with New York based jewelry and accessories designer Katie Schloss, who founded three janeNY – a fashion brand with a number of fashion forward followers including Jennifer Lawrence. Even famed stylist and fashion expert Ali Levine spoke about the accessory as your go to piece during FashionWeek LA for both men and women.

Enjoy our conversation with the passionate Ms. Schloss:

We see that you have a lot of inspiration when you create, what is your design process?

I think one of the nice things about designing and having a website is that they enable you to keep growing and changing.  For example, late last year, I licensed the Map Necklace which was 90% of my business at the time, to A.JAFFE, a 123-year-old engagement ring brand.  While I still spend most of my time working on marketing & sales for Maps by A.JAFFE, I now have the unique opportunity to re-define my own business and what I want that to be and look like. Right now I’m working on two collections: A Party in the Garden Collection for SS ’16 and a Miss Havisham’s Dinner Party Collection for FW ’16 – ’17.  Stay tuned!


Speaking of dinner parties, there has to be a nice drink and music to make the party a true party. So, what are you listening to these days?

I recently discovered Piano Dreamers on Spotify, which I’ve loved listening to while thinking up new ideas. They do a lot of Taylor Swift songs played live on the piano, so listening to them makes me one very happy camper.

We see you often post fabulous food and drink porn on your Instagram and consider yourself a lobster roll addict. What’s the favorite wine of a Three Jane New Yorker?

Argentinian reds, but I’m definitely an equal opportunist when it comes to wine!

Paint us a picture of the woman who is wearing your jewelry. What is she doing, what is she eating, what does she do? 

She’s thoughtful. She cares about where she has been, where she is, and where she is going next.  She thinks about the moments that have defined her as a person as much as she considers the times and places that have influenced others.  She wears one-of-a-kind pieces that could only be found in that tiny little boutique in the South of France.  She stands out.  Not because she’s loud or the life of the party necessarily (although, sometimes she is), but rather she stands out because she knows who she is more so than anyone else.  She drinks Whispering Angel & Wolffer in the summertime (she’s a sucker for a pretty bottle) and infused bourbons in the winter.  And she’s the only person in all of Manhattan who can leave a dinner party without telling a soul what she does for a living.  After all, she thinks it’s much more fun to keep them guessing.

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