#VINO4: Iron Chef Marc Forgione

Cool People.  4 Questions.  1 Bottle of Wine. VINO4

Iron Chef Marc Forgione is as cool in person as he is battling and beating down world-class Chefs on Iron Chef America. Chef Forgione embodies a diversity of life, interests and culture all the while being a master at his craft in the kitchen. We asked Chef a host of questions when we met. Take a seat, crank up Guns N’ Roses and sip on a bold Cabernet –  Enjoy!

Ok Chef, you’re wearing a Guns N’ Roses T-shirt so we have to ask, what wine would you pair while rockin’ to Guns N’ Roses!

(Laughs) I know this might sound weird, but I think I’d go with something really really fancy like a Pine Ridge or a Stag’s Leap! Just to play the juxtaposition. I know they (Guns) look grimy, but I can picture Axel Rose taking a swig of Pine Ridge while rockin’ out!

We recently did a post called Man Tools, essential tools an amateur Chef should have in the kitchen. What are the 4 essential tools any man should have in his kitchen? 

Gotta have a mortar and pestle and a good knife to start. I know this may sound strange but you gotta have a good peeler! A cheap plastic $1.50 one from the restaurant supply store is perfect. Don’t buy from a grocery store. And last but not least a good cutting board!

You and your brothers were doing a culinary demonstration at BottleRock Napa (BRN); how do you feel coming to a festival like BRN in the middle of Napa, prestigious wine country, where the music is from Public Enemy to Imagine Dragons?

Ah man, it’s so awesome. That’s how I grew up listening to music. I listened to everything, rap, hip-hop, rock, heavy metal – I still do. I love coming to festivals like this where so many different types of people and ideas come together and have a great time.

You, along with our brothers just put on an amazing demonstration butchering a lamb and cooking an exceptional meal using fresh produce from a local farm. Is Farm to Table a fad? 

It’s funny, because the way our father [Chef Larry Forgione] inspired us in cooking was always to use the freshest, local, in-season product. It’s kind of strange for us to think of the concept of ‘farm to table’ as a fad since it’s the way we believe cooking should have been all along! Our father is known as the “Godfather of American Cuisine” not only for all is accomplishments, but because he absolutely believed in using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. He was farm to table before there was ‘farm to table’!

Chef Forgione’s Restaurant in NYC: Marc Forgione

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