#VINO4: Gabe Simon of Kopecky

Kopecky (formerly the Kopecky Family Band) is an American indie-rock band formed out of Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. The band consists of Kelsey Kopecky (vocals, keyboards, bass, and yoga!), Gabe Simon (vocals, guitar, and horns), Steven Holmes (guitar, lap steel guitar), David Krohn (drums), Markus Midkiff (cello, guitar, and keyboards), and Corey Oxendine (bass, guitar, and horns). Their debut album, Kids Raising Kids, was released in October 2012 and then rereleased by ATO Records in April 2013.

We interviewed the 26 year old, super cool vocalist Gabe Simon.

First off, what wine should our readers pair with your music?

Well, in addition to my passion for music, I love hiking with my wife as it allows us to explore and discover new things.
So, I’d pair our music with a Malbec from Kunde Winery (which has an excellent wine tasting × hiking experience) or maybe something from La Crema winery.

What inspires the music of Kopecky? 

Other than wine or alcohol?! Our first record was about separation, being away from family and friends for 2 years.
The second record was written around our return home, which meant we had to deal with all the shit from being away for 2 years like deaths, marriages, changes, etc. Life was happening. I write about these experiences and I am a firm believer in “empathy fiction”.
The new album is called “Drug for the Modern Age” and our most recent song is “Burnin”. This album is about addiction- addiction good and bad, people in your life, things that you love.

Being based in Nashville, do you fit into the ‘typical’ Nashville music scene?

In Nashville, we’re not country or grunge — we embrace everything around and beyond us. We go musically where we need to go based on how we feel.

What was the last romantic meal with your wife?

Fig in Charleston, SC!

Editors note: great southern cooking!!!

BONUS: Tell me something that fun that you haven’t told anyone else!

Wildest night in my life — in Carmel, California while drinking some Pinot Grigio on stage and woke up…lets just leave it there!

Download and purchase the new Kopecky album here!


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