Uproot Wines


Millennial buying power continues to strengthen and become more and more influential. One industry that’s specifically stepped up its game is wine. Statistics show that Gen X is spending more of their income on fine wine than any other consumer group, and millennials are now 45% of the fine wine buying market.

The challenge is that wineries and millennials don’t speak the same language. Uproot Wines was founded on the idea of doing just that – relating to millennials and speaking on their level. Uproot was launched in 2013 by Greg Scheinfeld and Jay Levy; Greg the experienced winemaker and Jay the seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of Zelkova Ventures. Uproot Wines has a Silicon Valley ‘start-up’ feel where the partners are on a path to disrupt traditional modalities of the wine business. Take for example their Flavor Palette, a color and taste-based visual identity system on the front of each bottle. Each color block represents a tasting note (such as Jolly Rancher, Black Cherry, Basil or Lemongrass) and the size of the block tells you how dominant each note is in the flavor profile.

Uproot hosts private events around the country and invites customer to join – from golf outings, to renting a summer beach house, to private dinners in Manhattan – Jay and Greg want customers to enjoy the full Uproot lifestyle experience and speak to them on multiple levels.

More information about Uproot Wines, from Jay and Greg themselves, is available online HERE