Union Wine Company & Waraire Boswell Dressing Down


Wine in cans? Buying wine just to drink it? A fashion-forward lear suit? Rubbish!

By now you’ve seen the hilarious videos from Oregon-based Union Wine Company. Their offerings for their Underwood brand — Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir  — are also available in cans that equate to about 2 glasses of wine. While Union Made isn’t the first to “dress down” wine (remember the Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs 4-Pack? It is one of the first to do so in a non-sparkling variety.

Fashion has taken a similar path as this year’s New York Fashion Week has been filled with a sense of less stuffiness, more casual —  as evidenced by the tons of high fashion sneaker mixes on the runway and the rise of the trend of “Athleisure”, with our own take on it (The Lear Suit) debuting this Fall.

It only goes right to be able to have a great glass of Pinot Noir in a can while wearing your joggers to the organic food store. The ultimate manly outing.  Underwood Pinot Noir tasting notes: cherry, blackberry, and cola while the Pinot Gris has floral peach, grapefruit, and pear. Enjoy!

Union Wine Company – Underwood Collection, 375-milliliter Can $24