The World through Rosé Colored Glasses

Rosé, can be so easy. So fun. So fancy free.

Rosé has crept it’s way into the pop culture realm and some would say teeters on being #basic. Why the obsession? Probably because most rosés are easy to drink, easy to find, don’t break the bank and are nice to look at.

As basic as the attraction to rosé may be, its creation, construction and production is a different matter. (Seriously, do you expect anything about wine to be simple?) The average person will tell you that most rosés are from Provénce – still relatively true – but today more often than not the rosés you see on someone’s table bloomed from many corners of the world.  Rosé characteristics begin with these 3 things : type and quality of grapes, temperature within the vat, length of time the juice comes in contact with the skins and seeds of the previously mentioned grapes, known as ‘skin contact’.  The longer the contact, the deeper the color. The rosé situation is that serious that it has provoked the creation of the world’s only Center for Rosé Research, located – you guessed it – in Provénce. The Center even goes one step further by utilizing a Provénce rosé color scale varying in colors from Red Currant, Peach, Grapefruit, Melon, Mango, and Tangerine.

Wine Folly breaks down Rosé. Wine Folly breaks down Rosé.

The obsession unsurprisingly has reached the fashion world as well.

Pantone, the world’s experts in color, broke the mold by choosing 2 colors as their Color of the Year: Rose Quartz (self explanatory) and a slightly grayish blue color, called Serenity.  We can’t help but pair the color of the year with the wine of the moment.

Taittinger’s 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rosé.  Since its first release in 1957, the Comtes de Champagne is made only from the finest grapes, and to ensure the highest quality its production process has been overseen by the same cellar master and apprentice for over three decades. Such arduous attention to detail does not stop there. Taittinger only uses the finest grapes in all of their wines, saving the very best for the Comtes. The attention to detail is specific that the Comtes de Champagne is only produced during the very best harvest years. If the yield for a particular year does yield enough grapes worthy for Comtes, it simply does not get made that year. Even when grapes are plentiful enough for production – it is limited to small batches. The result – delicious of course. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes with bubbles that are barely there and taste that is spirited but delicate. A balanced, beautiful experience, conjured with wild strawberries, black currants, morello cherries as well as almonds and black licorice. Approximate retail price, $262

Such delicacy and attention to detail deserves the same. Here, in the form of Chloe’s Hudson handbag featured here in leather with a tassel trim in (shocker) the color, rose. chloe_hudson

2014 Domaine de la Courtade Alycastre Rosé.  Hailing from the Isle of Porquerolles, an island holding  only three vineyards sitting on the southern coast of France in the Mediterranean, not far from St. Tropez and Italy. The winery has been using organic methods since 1997, and uses traditional Provencal grapes. This guy switches gears. Light bodied, smooth and honestly just pleasant, this wine made me really happy to make its acquaintance. Its soft strawberry, moderately floral personality is a bit mineral in the finish but regardless lovely all the way through. Approximate retail price, $23

Lovely is a lovely does. This rose gold plated cuff featuring faux pearls by Joomi Lim, adds warmth and pink glow to any ensemble. Casual or otherwise.


Barranco Oscuro Vino Costa. This one makes reach a bit higher. Plucked from the highest vineyards in mainland Europe, this Spanish rosado is a bit orangey pink in nature (see above color scale, for reference) and a aroma that makes you sit up straight. Again strawberry makes its mark but this time tanginess sits with you with every sip until you reach the end of the bottle. This is  a powerful bottle, ripe and potent. Approximate retail price, $25.

Bringing some more bold and beautiful is Boohoo’s Maggie bodysuit. Able to tied multiple ways, construction highlights a plunging neckline, shoulders and back in a nude pink.


Foss Marai Roos Brut. With a potent salmon pink color, a striking bottle and a bubbly nature this sparkling Italian wonder, might be a girl’s best friend. Lively, without being overly complex this wine makes an entrance with a slightly dry, moderately fruity start (with the help of wild berries) and wonderful fragrant finish that isn’t nauseating. The perfect apertif. Drink this in the morning with absolutely no shame. Approximate retail price, $16

With a liveliness, we need some balance: found here with in the form of a subtle, whisper pink clutch with zipper trim by Rebecca Minkoff.

rebeccaminkoffclutchTrends come and go and it may be the same for rose. but remains true is that the world looks, feels and tastes a bit better with a pink glow.

Featured Image by Wine Folly