The Wines of Westeros: Vino For The 'Game of Thrones' Enthusiast


It may be April, but winter is coming! George R.R. Martin’s fantasy opera, Game of Thrones, is set to return to devices everywhere April 24th for the premiere of its sixth season on HBO. Although its superb production and captivating storytelling are impressive, what defining factor causes fans (including ourselves) to huddle affront the tube to watch? Like countless other cult-favorite shows and comics, an interactive culture has spawned due to the series, heavily rooted in cosplay, fan fiction, distinct geography, languages, traditions, and values. Of all the merchandise that has hit the market to date, our favorite has to be The Wines of Westerosa company that sells wine specifically designed and themed after the show.

Whether you have an elevated taste for a Lannister favorite, golden arbor wine, or a preference of a Dornish sour red, Wines of Westeros has developed a product native to each of the kingdoms across the Game of Thrones realm. This offbeat approach bridges the gap between reality and the fantasy world for fans and common drinkers alike. While creating an enjoyable experience, Wines of Westeros is a uniquely collaborative concept that extends its reach to wine drinkers, collectors, and die-hard Throners across the globe.

According to Common Ventures, the parent company of Wines of Westeros, they have used their unique product to create vino-economic stimulation for the wine surplus in Australia. Six red labels and six white labels have been specifically designed thus far with hopeful plans for many more. The initial inception of the idea and site led to 430,000 page views within the first few weeks, leaving a powerful impact on fans globally.

The demands for The Wines of Westeros reached such unprecedented levels that their site and product are currently being renovated to better suit the demand of Game of Thrones enthusiasts. We will be keeping our eyes on what the digital winery will come up with next. Until then, stay updated with the latest at their official website.