Take a Sip of History with ITV's "The Wine Show"


Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, wine has consistently played second fiddle to food-centric programming. While chefs and food critics have elevated to celebrity like stardom, vintners and sommeliers have fallen victim to their looming shadows. However, wine has stepped into the forefront of consumable culture through Sunday’s premiere of “The Wine Show,” broadcasted by UK based television channel ITV. Do not be discouraged by its’ less than original name, “The Wine Show” drains this effectual beverage of its origins and cultural influence, while using a canvas of beautiful views over six continents. Acclaimed actors Matthew Goode (The Imitation Game) and Matthew Rys (The Americans) are paired with wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer on a world tour spanning 12 countries and 13, hour-long episodes.

Fattorini and Singer help bring credible insight to the process, perspective and power of wine complementing the relatable viewpoints of Goode and Rhys. Beyond its high production value and accessible hosts, the shows strong suite lies in its ability to tell a story reaching back hundreds of years. As captured by a moment in Sunday’s premiere, a scene that stood the test of time displays Joe Fattorini chopping it up with the famed winemakers of Klien Constantia in South Africa. He then has the unique opportunity to compare a 2009 edition KC with its vintage 1791 counterpart. This particular vintage sweet wine counterpart was said to be a favorite of world conquerer Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile. Authentic in emotion and history, “The Wine Show” gives us a window into the past by relating it to the delicious beverage we still enjoy today. It reminds us that the tradition of winemaking and drinking is an old one and through it we can gain deeper insight into what truly makes us human.

Episodes of “The Wine Show” are broadcast every Sunday on British television network ITV. See the trailer below!