The Infinite Monkey Theorem - Change Gonna Come

Change Gonna Come Nephew: The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem - Change Gonna Come

Sam Cooke said, “Change gonna come”. Wine is a centuries old commoditized industry. It’s seen its consumer change (Millennials drink nearly half the wine in the U.S.). Consumers themselves live in a world that is much different than the world of 5 years ago. Modern consumers discover and purchase differently. They discover products via social, digital videos, and word of mouth. Today’s consumer is influenced by media and ‘celebrity’. They will gravitate towards brands that offer more than a solid product, but a relateablness to their lifestyle and their sensibilities.

New Ways to Explore Wine

Naked Wines created an exploration system of wine that was all online and curated wines for the customer. They took out the barriers and pertinaciousness, while providing a great digital interface. Other unique wine companies are those in the product technology side like Kuvee (single bottle digital dispenser) and unique ways to learn about wines like Vinebox (they send you 3 glass-size pours of expensive wine to try at home).

With all this change comes a change to the vehicle by which wine lives – enter the can. Wine snobs can turn their noses, but it doesn’t matter because ‘change gonna come’. Cans are a great simple vehicle that don’t require any special gadgets, no glasses, and can be enjoyed with the bros while watching the game.

We applaud innovators that are shaping the future of wine, and Ben Parsons from The Infinite Monkey Theorem out of Colorado is certainly one to applaud. He’s a studied winemaker, a degree holding onephile, an entrepreneur, and visionary whose product is now sold in over 40 states including the Hawaiian Islands. We had a chance to try their Moscato. It’s refreshing, slightly effervescent with flavors of citrus. Also, one of our team members said she’s have a can in her purse to drink after taking the kids to soccer practice!

Here are a few highlights from our recent chat with Ben:

What was the impetus to getting into making wine and selling it in a can? Was there an ‘aha’ moment?

Living in Colorado everyone is camping, hiking, skiing etc.  They need a product they can pack in and pack out and canning wine was a no brainer for our edgy urban wine brand.

What is source of inspiration when making wine?

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the winemaking process.  I like to think about every decision that is made throughout the process and how it impacts the quality of the final product.  Literally millions of decisions that could either make the wine good, or bad. It’s fascinating.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem - Change Gonna Come

How have millennials influenced the wine industry (if you think they have)? How has social media played a role for your brand?

Millennials in general have definitely been more receptive of our packaging and are willing to experiment with it and advocate on our brands behalf.  The social stuff has helped spread the word particularly through posting images of places to drink the canned wine.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem - Change Gonna Come

So what movie are we watching while drinking a can of TIMT?

Shaun of the Dead.

Editors note: very appropriate paring! This is a 2004 cult classic that pokes fun at zombie/horror films but at the same time honors the genre by doing it their own unique way. It’s easy to see Ben’s passion for producing wine while paving his own unique path in the industry.

Check out The Infinite Monkey Theorem online or while on your next visit to Colorado.