Our team of wine experts research, negotiate & curate hard to find wines and deals each week. Then we text you with our recommendations.

Our team of wine consultants, sommeliers and wine journalists scour the internet, build relationships with wineries and wine shops, conduct the research and curate wine recommendations each week. Think of us as your personal wine consultants, except we don’t charge nor take a percentage of the sale.

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Combining people + technology

Wine is still a people business. Constantly researching the industry, talking to winemakers & wine experts, observing the growth of certain wine regions and being immersed in the industry is our passion. We combine this with our passion for technology & innovation to continue growing services that benefit the consumer.

No stone unturned.

Our recommendations can be from wineries, online retailers, wine shops, distributors and even private collectors.

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Let our team know if you’re looking for a special bottle and we’ll start the search! Currently our strengths are in California wines with a focus on Napa Valley & Paso Robles. Email Us


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