She tasted several.It was ok though, no one passed judgement. Sometimes you simply can’t find the right wine to fit your mood, sensibility at the moment, environment or company. We sat in the patio of a beautiful Argentine wood-fired grill looking over a costal mountain range. As she tasted her 3rd sample, I began wondering if the waiter would stop entertaining another tasting request? She was genuinely not feelin’ any of the wines. Partly because her palate is used to big Napa Cabs and Malbec’s from Mendoza are much different.
After the 8th taster she finally found ‘the one’ for the evening. So what is an acceptable number of tasters to have? Doesn’t matter – it’s the number it takes until you find ‘the one’. You wouldn’t put a cap on the number of people you date before finding your soulmate – so why subject something as equally important (to the evening) as wine to an artificial ceiling.

Curiosity may have caused harm to some cat, but that cat most likely deserved it. You deserve to be curious about the wine and find the one for you. Don’t be shy to explore and taste.

Photo Courtesy of the beautiful Instagram User: TRUEPARADOXY